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What is Clubhouse, and what the fuss is about?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only, iPhone-only audio-based social networking app where users can gather in moderated rooms to listen to selected speakers and take part in the conversation. If they raise a hand, the room moderator may allow them to speak up. All conversations happen in real-time and are not recorded. Clubhouse allows people to listen to opinion leaders in real-time, and also to connect to them by taking part in discussions.

Initially, Clubhouse forbade conversation recording but recently many event organizers have been following the policy that recording is okay when all participants know that the conversation is being recorded via a 3rd party app.

There have already been many security concerns with Clubhouse, you can read more about those here on BBC.

To learn more on how Clubhouse app works, check a good review of Clubhouse features here on PCmag.

Where to find an invitation to Clubhouse?

Ask your recruiting community. People always gladly share their invites with others. Currently, when many people have already sneaked their invite, it will be easier to receive one after you see a message announcing invites available. In late 2020, invites were gone in less than five minutes. Thankfully (or not?), today they are not such a big deal anymore.

Don't forget that Clubhouse only works on iOS.

Why Clubhouse is a new source of recruitment

People tend to join Clubhouse under their real names and use real photos as profile photos. They add bios to their profiles to stand out in the crowd and gain more followers.

Unfortunately, there is no search opportunity within the app or with search engines — Google is only indexing conversation pages where there isn't much useful information for recruiters. Perhaps, except for the conversation moderator's name.



However, if you follow opinion leaders in a certain subject area that is relevant to your company, you'll be notified of new conversations (scheduled and ongoing). When you join the conversation, you may go through profiles of listeners or speakers to find relevant people.

Some people even share when they are open to job offers. See an example found by Liuda Ziuman and posted to one of the sourcing communities on Facebook:



Actually, some Clubhouse users already reported getting job offers because of their activities on the application.

How to approach candidates on Clubhouse